Siemens Energy Confirms Data Breach in Clop Ransomware Attack

Siemens Energy, a Munich-based energy technology company, has confirmed that data was stolen during the recent Clop ransomware data-theft attacks using a zero-day vulnerability in the MOVEit Transfer platform. The company designs, develops, and manufactures a wide range of industrial products, including industrial control systems (ICS), state-of-the-art power, heat generation units, renewable energy systems, on and off-site energy delivery systems, and flexible power transmission solutions. Siemens Energy also provides a wide range of cybersecurity consulting services for the oil and gas industry, including incident response plans, vulnerability assessment, and patch management.

Clop Ransomware Attack and Data Theft

As part of Clop’s extortion strategy, they first begin listing a company’s name on their data leak site to apply pressure, followed by the eventual leaking of data. Today, Clop listed Siemens Energy on their data leak site, indicating that data was stolen during a breach on the company. While no data has been leaked at this time, a Siemens Energy spokesperson confirmed that they were breached in the recent Clop data-theft attacks utilizing a MOVEit Transfer zero-day vulnerability tracked as CVE-2023-34362. However, Siemens Energy says that no critical data was stolen, and business operations were not impacted. “Regarding the global data security incident, Siemens Energy is among the targets,” confirmed Siemens Energy to us. “Based on the current analysis no critical data has been compromised and our operations have not been affected. We took immediate action when we learned about the incident.”

Schneider Electric Investigating

Along with Siemens Energy, Clop claims to have stolen data from MOVEit Transfer systems of another industry giant, Schneider Electric. The French multinational company, with an annual revenue of over $37 billion, specializes in digital automation and energy management, and its products are used in a broad range of vital industries worldwide. “On May 30th, 2023, Schneider Electric became aware of vulnerabilities impacting Progress MOVEit Transfer software. We promptly deployed available mitigations to secure data and infrastructure and have continued to monitor the situation closely,” mentions the firm’s statement to us. “Subsequently, on June 26th, 2023, Schneider Electric was made aware of a claim mentioning that we have been the victim of a cyber-attack relative to MOVEit vulnerabilities.” “Our cybersecurity team is currently investigating this claim as well.”

How Did the IBM MOVEit Data Breach Impact Missouri’s Health Information?

The ibm moveit data breach exposes raised concerns about the impact on Missouri’s health information. The breach compromised sensitive patient data, leading to potential privacy breaches and security vulnerabilities. The incident highlights the need for enhanced security measures and increased cybersecurity awareness within the healthcare sector to safeguard patients’ personal information.

Impact of Clop’s MOVEit Attacks

The impact of Clop’s MOVEit attacks is still unfolding, as new victims are being disclosed on the gang’s website, and data published daily. The attacks have impacted companies, federal government agencies, and local state agencies, leading to widespread data breaches that have exposed the sensitive data of millions of people. Yesterday, The New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) admitted that Clop stole documents containing the sensitive personal information of up to 45,000 students. Other victims that already disclosed data breaches related to the MOVEit Transfer attacks include the U.S. state of Missouri, the U.S. state of Illinois, Zellis (along with its customers BBC, Boots, Aer Lingus, and Ireland’s HSE), Ofcam, the government of Nova Scotia, the American Board of Internal Medicine, and Extreme Networks.

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