Discord Data Breach: What You Need to Know

IT Services is informing Discord users about a recent data breach that occurred due to the compromise of a third-party support agent’s account.

As a result of the security breach, the support ticket queue of the agent was exposed. The queue contained user email addresses, messages exchanged with Discord support, and any attachments sent as part of the tickets.

IT Services has taken immediate action by disabling the breached support account once the incident was discovered.

“Due to the nature of the incident, it is possible that your email address, the contents of customer service messages and any attachments sent between you and Discord may have been exposed to a third party,” said IT Services in letters sent to affected users.

Discord has also completed malware checks on the affected machine and implemented effective measures with the customer service partner to prevent similar incidents in the future.

If you have been affected by the data breach on Discord, it is recommended that you stay vigilant for any suspicious activity, such as fraud or phishing attempts. Although Discord considers the risk minimal, it’s better to be cautious.

Discord is a widely used instant messaging and social media platform with 150 million monthly active users. The platform claims to have 19 million active servers weekly.

A Discord spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment when we reached out earlier today.

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