Rollbar Discloses Data Breach After Attackers Gain Access to Customer Access Tokens

Rollbar, a software bug-tracking company, recently announced a data breach that occurred in early August. Unknown attackers successfully hacked into Rollbar’s systems and obtained customer access tokens.

On September 6, Rollbar detected the security breach when reviewing data warehouse logs. The logs revealed that a service account had been used to log into the cloud-based bug monitoring platform.

Once inside Rollbar’s systems, the threat actors proceeded to search for cloud credentials and Bitcoin wallets in the company’s data.

In response to the breach, Rollbar immediately disabled the service account and initiated an investigation into the unauthorized access. According to Rollbar, the attackers initially attempted to launch compute resources but were unsuccessful due to lack of permission. They then accessed the data warehouse and conducted searches that indicated their interest in Bitcoin wallets and other cloud credentials.

Rollbar’s subsequent investigation determined that the attackers had access to the systems for a total of three days, from August 9 to August 11, 2023.

During their unauthorized access, the attackers were able to obtain sensitive customer information, including usernames, email addresses, account names, and project information such as environment names and service link configuration.

Project Access Tokens Stolen in the Breach

Of utmost concern, the attackers also managed to retrieve customers’ project access tokens, which are used to interact with Rollbar projects. Rollbar has taken steps to address this issue by expiring access tokens that grant read and write scope to Rollbar project data. Additionally, access tokens that allow data to be sent to an active project will expire within 30 days.

Rollbar prioritizes the security of its customers’ data and is actively investigating the breach. In an effort to verify the findings, Rollbar has engaged a third-party forensic consultant.

Rollbar’s error logging and tracking services are widely used, with over 400 million application end users and thousands of companies worldwide relying on their services. Some notable customers include Salesforce, Twilio, Uber, Twitch, and Pizza Hut.

Last year, Rollbar assisted more than 5,000 customers and 23,000 paid users in processing over 40 billion errors.

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