American entertainment giant Paramount Global has recently revealed a data breach where hackers gained unauthorized access to personally identifiable information (PII).

In letters sent to affected individuals and signed by Nickelodeon Animation Studio EVP Brian Keane, Paramount stated that the breach occurred between May and June 2023.

“Based on our investigation, the personal information that may have been compromised includes names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, government-issued identification numbers (such as driver’s license numbers or passport numbers), and information related to the individuals’ relationship with Paramount,” the mass media giant informed those impacted.

Upon discovering the incident, Paramount took immediate action to secure the affected systems and launched an investigation to determine the scale and scope of the breach.

The company also enlisted the help of a cybersecurity expert to assist with the investigation and is collaborating with law enforcement agencies as part of the ongoing inquiry.

Additionally, Paramount is implementing enhanced security measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Data Breach Impacted Fewer Than 100 Individuals

“We conducted an investigation into an incident in which we discovered that an unauthorized party had accessed certain files from our systems. Once the unauthorized activity was detected, we promptly took action to identify and address the incident,” stated a spokesperson from Paramount when contacted by IT Services.

“The personal information of fewer than 100 individuals may have been accessed by the unauthorized party, and both those individuals and the relevant authorities have been notified.”

Paramount has not yet disclosed whether the affected individuals are employees or customers, such as Paramount+ subscribers.

While no further details have been provided regarding the security breach, it has been confirmed that the incident was not a ransomware attack and is unrelated to the recent series of MoveIT data theft attacks carried out by the Clop group.

Paramount is a prominent entertainment and streaming company with a diverse portfolio that includes various network, studio, and streaming brands such as CBS, Showtime Networks, Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, and Paramount+.

The company boasts a subscriber base of over 4.3 billion across its services, spanning more than 180 countries.

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